1st absolute Abu Dhabi NJ 2011

25 02 2011

DOUBLE GOLD IN NJ: On my way to Dubai

9 02 2011

I Just double gold’d in NJ this past weekend, winning my weight class and then the absolute to win an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi to fight at the maine event!
Here is the final of my weight class…Its the only good video I have unfortunately.

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BJJ Sundays

31 01 2011

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Been training with these guys on Sundays, and its been really great. Today I took this picture, and in this particular practice session, we did King of the Guard for 40 minutes straight. After that, I got pitted, all of these guys mounted me, and I had to escape back to guard or reverse the position. It was really tough, like reaaaallly tough. Actually, all these guys except the last 5 guys; the last 5 guys had my back and I had to escape. But the cardio felt fantastic. Oh yeah the room was 85 degrees, and very humid. The story this photo can’t tell, is how hard it was for me to hold my hand up like that for the picture, I WAS SPENT! I love this game.

My recipe: Recovery/morning shake.

31 01 2011

Ary Farias on mistake free bjj

28 01 2011


What do you feel will be different at this rank as opposed to the other belts?

I feel the difference is in the professionalism at black belt. Everyone is a professional, there’s no one in there piddling around, they always have something up their sleeves. You can’t make mistakes at black belt, that would be costly. It’s not like the other belts, where you can make a mistake and still fix things. There’s a huge difference between the other belts and black belt. I’m just another rookie about to debut. Whether I’ll do well or not I’ll only know come competition time, it will all depend on me. -Ary Farias

Gui, Me, Rafa, Ary

Ary says some great things I try and focus on. I think its important to think about being mistake free early on, and be a professional in your approach to training.

The picture was from the 2009 Pan Ams!

particularly Proud of these Medals

21 01 2011

I was particularly Proud of these Medals. 1st at NY Open, ADCC Trials 1st at weight and 3rd in absolute. Missing in action is a 2010 Pan Am’s medal, had 4 fights, finished 3 guys, was winning 8-0 in the quarter final match, and got jipped on a leglock confusing. And Mundial’s couldn’t get out to that one even though it was THE top priority $$ =(

2010 was a great year, learned so much.

Highlight video of muah!

26 01 2010

Made it myself..all my fights from those tournaments arent on it…Really i was just messing around with some new video editing software i got through linux.

Here it is..Also in the second batches of fights I had the flu so it was a crappy performance.